Design, manufacture, sale and servicing of marking systems, laser cutting and engraving, sources YAG-CO2-FIBER. Construction of plants and automatic lines with integration of vision systems and reading Data Matrix. Special applications for jewelry and precious metals industries.

Laserberg Tech is an Italian company that for over ten years offers solutions for of marking and laser engraving. We were able to meet all the requests received so far, with standard solutions or with the construction of machines, automatic lines and special plants.
Everything is designed, engineered and manufactured at our factory in Castelli Calepio, near to Bergamo.
Flexibility in adapting products to customer needs, ability to design and manufacture servo and auxiliary systems or special machines, efficiency of technical assistance, are just some of the characteristics that have characterized us so far and with which we continue to build our future day by day.
We operate both nationally and internationally.
Laserberg tech S.r.l. designs and manufactures directly all mechanical, electrical, and optical parts of its machines, as well as their control software (both PLC- and PC-based); this allows us to fit easily in the various production situations.
Laser components (sources, diodes, mirrors, galvanometers, etc.) are the best to be found on the market.; This makes us able to adapt easily, even with dedicated interfaces, to the different production situations.
The long experience of our technicians, is able to offer training and assistance with both external interventions, and through the most modern communication systems by WEB.
We will guide you to the best choice with an accurate consultancy.