Our Plotters are the perfect solution for all applications involving cutting and/or marking of sheet/ plate materials and semi-finished and finished products, including methacrylate, plastic, acetate, polyester, wood, paper, leather, and organic and synthetic materials. Our Plotters integrate two different functions:
1. Marking: The laser beam generated by the source is sent to a galvanometric scan head, which transforms the plotter into a high-performance marking system.
2. Engraving/cutting: the laser beam generated by the source is directed to the head specially designed for cutting. In this case, movement is performed on XY axes and enables workpieces to be clearly and cleanly cut.
This feature simplifies the production process because if it is necessary to mark a piece and then cut it, it can be done with the same machine without compromising quality, since each head has its dedicated function. The wide range of areas and powers of the source means you can find a solution that easily meets your needs.