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3D laser marking machine using the new generation of three-axis dynamic focus control technology, perfectly solve the problems of engraving irregular surfaces such as curved surfaces, high and low surfaces, stairs.

High speed and high precision 3D galvo fiber laser marking machine and with our software and control system, can engrave any curved workpiece in fine process without blur problem. It can also adjust the focus length at any time for deep engraving, which makes the efficiency and effect of the process much better than traditional 2D fiber laser marking machine. Our new technology that realizes the 3d marking adds a further step to the solution of the needs of each customer.

To ensure maximum ease of integration, they are equipped with various standard communication protocols (MODBUS) for remote piloting, which act via RS-232 serial interface or in TCP / IP. The synchronization is guaranteed by the 24VDC digital I / O present on the appropriate connector.

All models can be customized according to your requests
For any technical question our team will be able to answer your questions!

Main features:

  1. Subvert the traditional 2D marking mode, it can engrave many different 3D shapes, for example: inclined plane, cylinder, cone, sphere and so on.
  2. Amazing center angle marking, can reach 117 degrees on one cylinder.
  3. It marks and engraves perfectly on the pieces to be machined, and avoids deformations such as elongation, slope, thanks to the optical matrix corrections on various levels.
  4. Uniform marking even on the edges
  5. Simple and easy! The software completely developed by us, is easy to learn and use, what you see is what you get.