The HELIOS FIBER laser workstation combines high performance with the smallest space. It can be installed quickly and easily and is simple to use. High performance and the option for automation offer opportunities for growth.

Powerful and fast - High cutting productivity and long-term reliability.
Flexible layout - The machine is available in different installation versions according to needs.
External Charging Unit - The External Charging Unit loads and unloads parts for you.
Simple operations - Intuitive and integrated control panel in the Laserplus software.
Flexible sheet thicknesses - You can benefit from all the advantages of the solid state laser for all sheet thicknesses.
Reduced costs with a single cutting head - The same cutting unit can be used to cut all types of materials and sheet thicknesses
Extremely fast in thin sheets - For sheet thicknesses from 1 to 12 mm, the Helios fiber laser makes the most of all its strengths. Production is particularly fast and productive in this range. The Helios fiber laser not only achieves stability but also maintains a maximum speed throughout the entire cutting process.
Faster piercing with piercing parameters - Thanks to the piercing parameter, the Helios fiber laser also makes it easy to work contours with lots of piercings, which means that you and your production can take on new challenges.
No Reflections - Helios fiber lasers are built with leading fiber technologies and incorporate the first fail-safe back-reflection isolation technology for the complete processing of highly reflective materials.
Height sensor - The Helios fiber laser mounts a capacitive head that follows the surface of the parts with a self-calibration system
Made in Italy quality - Helios fiber lasers are completely designed and manufactured in Italy
Integrated Cooling System - Helios fiber lasers up to 750w integrate the water cooling system

Workspace (customizable)

Laser power range: 500W-4000W
Max steel sheet thickness: 20 mm
Max thickness of stainless steel sheet: 6 mm
Max aluminum sheet thickness: 6 mm
Max thickness of copper sheet: 3 mm
Max thickness of brass sheet: 3 mm
Power consumption values: Average absorption 1.5KW / 230V (750W laser power)


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