The “ POLO 1EVO ” series represents the automation of button marking. Handling, positioning, vision, marking, all operations carried out automatically by our system through a special PLC (of our production). We have included control devices that allow the self-regulation of the various processes, so as to avoid any machine downtime due to jamming of the pieces being processed. The eagle vision system checks that all buttons are positioned and oriented correctly, and is able to check their quality, so as to immediately discard non-compliant pieces without letting them pass through the marking area.
The machine has button backlighting to solve any problem and facilitate button processing. The possibility of inserting special functions such as the on-the-fly marking of the button, or the marking on the edge of the button, means that this machine can solve any need for processing buttons. By doing so, we will be sure that the pieces contained in the container at the end of the process are correct and comply with the quality standards required by production. The marking, which represents the final stage of processing, is entrusted to our fast and reliable Mizar or Prometeo markers.
Everything on this station has been designed to always have the maximum efficiency and reliability of the system.


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