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Laserberg Tech usato MELTEM S ASPIRATOR


The MELTEM S fume extraction and filtration system effectively removes potentially harmful fumes and particles created during the laser marking process.
By maintaining a dust-free operating area, the system helps protect valuable equipment, maintain a higher quality mark, and reduce the number of rejects and contaminants.
The quiet and compact MELTEM S effectively removes potentially harmful fumes and particulates created during light laser marking, coding and engraving applications, making it ideal for use in any workplace.

Available in MEDIUM and BIG versions with higher extraction capacities

Laserberg Tech usato VISIOBERG


The VISIOBERG coaxial vision system automatically detects the pieces and their position, aligning the marking and engraving in order to guarantee accuracy and repeatability precision. VISIOBERG constantly guarantees excellent quality marking and ensures a measurable reduction in product waste.

Automatic inspection
VISIOBERG offers the possibility of obtaining premark and / or post-mark verifications.
Premark verification prevents users from marking already marked pieces. The post-mark verification consists in verifying the reading degree of the DATAMATRIX or the marking quality. This feature also helps to control low contrast markings that may be caused by premature degradation of laser performance or a change in material characteristics.

Automatic alignment of pieces, processing and laser control
Consistently high marking quality: precise, repeatable, process-reliable
A much lower number of product rejects and incorrect markings
Faster production, greater efficiency and productive
Forgo costly product stands or fixtures

Also available in versions

  • MULTITILE for large areas of framing pieces.
  • ONE SHOT to view the piece to be marked live by superimposing the drawing to be processed where you want it.

Laserberg Tech usato DATACODE GRADE


The vision system controls the reading degree of the marked datamatrix code.
Overall rating is determined as the lowest grade among criteria 2 to 11. The result is expressed as a letter from A to D or F, where A is the highest degree (reading stability).

Laserberg Tech usato EAGLE VISION SYSTEM


Extremely powerful vision system for object recognition and phase marking. It has an adjustable, particularly effective, light-emitting diode lighting suitable for all objects regardless of the shape and nature of the surface.

Laserberg Tech usato TALLY ONE


System for automatic loading of metal and non-metal plates of various formats.

Laserberg Tech usato TABLE XY


Movement system of the work table with Cartesian coordinates XY programmable at will. It allows great autonomy of work. It is an extremely effective interlocking and adaptable to most of the objects to be marked, excavated or cut. Possibility of having different sizes of size starting from the 250x250mm size.

Laserberg Tech usato AXIS C


Device for circular marking of objects. For long or heavy pieces the tailstock is optional. Mounted on an anodized aluminum guide, it has a self-centering spindle diam. 80 mm, with jaws for exteriors and interiors.


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