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4 different types of machinery to meet every need that our customers ask for.


We wanted to create a range of “class 1” safety markers, capable of providing a solution to the most diverse needs. In fact, you will find bench markers, ideal for simple manual applications, laser stations with rotating table, or laser cabinets, capable of providing maximum comfort of use and high versatility. Our concept of “class 1” Laser goes beyond the simple technical aspect linked to safety. We produce lasers that are easy to use, with intuitive management of the functions and few elements to connect, so as to make the system operational and productive from the moment of delivery. Our lasers are available with Fiber and Nd: Yag sources, ideal for marking / engraving all metals, including precious metals and plastics in general. This will allow you to evaluate, together with us, the most suitable solution for your needs.


Our lasers are the result of years of experience in the field of in-line and off-line marking. Everything, from the support structure of the Laser, to the reinforced cables, to the large console able to contain the cooling refrigerator, has been studied in detail to ensure the longevity of our Laser even in the most demanding applications. These lasers are not limited only to solving the problems of in-line marking, but, thanks to their characteristics, they are increasingly used for special applications or in all those areas where a safety cover represents an application limit. We can therefore exploit all the potential of these lasers both for marking large pieces and for automatic marking, integrating them with our accessories (eg 700X500mm XY table).
VERSIONS WITH FIBER SOURCES – Nd: Yag ideal for marking / engraving all metals, including precious metals and plastics in general.


Lasers with CO2 sources have a very different field of use compared to Lasers with Fiber or Nd: YAG sources. This technology, in fact, is able to mark, engrave and cut materials such as: plastics in general, wood, corozo, leather, leather and all natural products, polyester paper / cardboard, glass, granite, marble, ceramic, mother of pearl, bone and fabrics in general. We use sources with powers ranging from 30W up to 300W, so as to always obtain the best quality / price / performance ratio for each application.


The many years of experience of the founding members in the field of button production and processing, has allowed Laserberg Tech to design and produce button marking and vision solutions, adaptable to every need. Not only do we provide complete solutions, but, thanks to our expertise, we also easily intervene on systems not of our production. Our Mizar laser, for example, has been designed to be applied on all button machines. Whether it is to mark the edge of a button, to move it, to detect the distance between the holes, we will always be able to offer you the best solution for your needs.


Our Plotters are the ideal solution for all those applications that involve cutting and / or marking sheet / sheet materials, semi-finished or finished products such as: methacrylate, plastic, acetate, polyester, wood, paper, leather, organic materials, synthetics. Our Plotters integrate two different functions: 1. Marking: the laser beam generated by the source is sent to a galvanometric scanning head, which transforms the Plotter into a high performance marking system. 2. Engraving / cutting: the laser beam generated by the source is sent to the head dedicated to cutting; in this case the movement is carried out on the XY axes and allows the piece to be cut in a clean and neat way.
This function allows to simplify the production process because, if my need is to mark a piece and then cut it, I can do it with the same machine, without compromising on quality since each head has its own dedicated function. The wide range of areas and powers of the source allows you to easily find the solution to your needs.